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1.25" – 2" Quik Rack Single

1.25" – 2" Quik Rack Single

A simple, versatile, and affordable rack for 1.25" receivers.
$365.00 - $395.00

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Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Made in the USA Made in the USA
Free US Shipping Free US Shipping over $550

Simple, versatile, and affordable, the 1.25" Quik Rack is built to take you places.

This unit is kind of a big deal. If you’re going for popularity, this rack is it. 1UP USA has the fastest hitch-mounting and bike-loading rack on the planet. Buy one and try it. Within 10 seconds you’ll be in the driver’s seat on your way to the trailhead. 100% made in the USA, all our racks come fully assembled and ready to be “hitched”! No standard hitch pin required for mounting due to the corner expander ball. What’s the unique corner expander ball, you ask?

  • It removes all the play.
  • It allows depth adjustability in the receiver. With the unique hex wrench provided, tighten the security expander bolt 1–2 turns and we’ll call that installation process sweatfree.
What's Included

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